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NBA Star Lance Stevenson with CEO of Members Club Suga J

Official Member of Members Club Clothing “Slow Bucks”

Fashion Stylist, Co-Owner and CEO OF #SlowBucks Viral Wear Owning His Look at a Beach Theme Wedding. Wearing a High Fashion Gold Men’s Printed Blazer with the Gold Bottom to match, you can own this look too.  Shop our Executive Club Collection. #OwnYourLook

Super Bowl Champion Richard Sherman Stops Through Members Club Inc.

Star Cornerback for The Seattle Seahawks comes through to get fitted with Members Club Inc. After a sensational year and a Super Bowl title, Richard Sherman is watching closely to make sure he doesn’t take any steps backward and that includes his fashion. #OwnYourLook

Rapper “Yo Gotti” Owning His Look

Fresh new album calls for a fresh new look. With an upcoming album entitled “The Art Of Hustle” Members Club Clothing has stepped in to take Yo Gotti’s fashion to another level! #OwnYourLook

Super Bowl Champ Walter Thurmond III Receives Best Dressed at The ESPY’s

Official member of Members Club Inc. Super Bowl Champion Walter Thurmond III own’s the Red Carpet at the ESPY’s receiving “Best Dressed” of the evening as he rock’s his custom Executive Collection gold tuxedo, printed blazer and matching shorts. He certainly owned his look on this eventful evening. #WatchUsWork #OwnYourLook

Members Club Clothing in LA for ESPYS Week!

      Over the years the ESPYS Awards has evolved into a very popular Award Ceremony but the ESPYS is more than a celebration of athletic achievement. It’s a gathering of athletes and entertainers who come together and allow their appearance to clarify their inner fashion style. While the red carpet displayed amazing fashion […]

Worldwide Video Debut

“Suga J” is a fashion connoisseur, literally “cut from a different cloth”. With a unique fashion style and turbulent dressing patterns that reflect his character & personality. His vibrant ensembles have inspired designers to recreate the look seen, which ultimately wasn’t perfected because they had the outline but not the blueprint. This led to the […]