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Suga J buzzin’ thru the airwaves on Power 1051!

By Members Club

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Suga J (@sugsway) buzzin’ thru the airwaves on Power 1051 (@power1051) NY’s Hip-Hop and R&B station!

As long as everyone can remember “Suga J” has been a fashion connoisseur, literally “cut from a different cloth”. With a unique fashion style and turbulent dressing patterns that reflect his character & personality. His vibrant ensembles have inspired designers to recreate the look seen, which ultimately wasn’t perfected because they had the outline but not the blueprint. This led to the inspiration of Members Club Clothing a new line of clothing that launched in the Fall of 2012. Members Club is designed to set the bar in every wear. Designs are for Men and Women all custom, featuring a few signature pieces. Sophistication, Originality and Attraction is what’s in store for you once you join the “Members Club Clothing”. Get ready to become a walking billboard, be assertive, own your look, now be among the elite, manufacture the lifestyle.


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